Brides on fire

SWNS: This is the spectacular moment two adrenaline junkie brides set their dresses on FIRE after walking down the aisle. April Choi, 32, and Bethany Byrnes, 28, enlisted guests from their wedding parties to torch the gowns while they were still wearing them. The couple – who are both variety entertainers and boast fire-eating and breathing among their talents – pulled off the stunt during their wedding.

'Watching the flames creep up your wife's gown is not something you can ever forget,' Byrnes told SWNS.

'I don't think I will ever forget it and nor will anybody else who attended the wedding, especially our parents who were greatly concerned for our safety. They were very, very nervous.' So was Byrnes, she admitted.

'I was super nervous,' she told SWNS. 'I have done fire performance for fun and professionally, but as I watched the fuel being poured on April's dress I couldn't help but think it was a ton of fuel to be wearing.

'It was such an adrenaline rush when the dresses went up in flames. You just have to repeat in your head that it's fine, you've done this before and all of the safety has been figured out. It really is safe.'

'You may now light the brides':

According to their love story on The Knot, the women met in 2012 and started dating in July 2013.

Photo: Michael Huang/SWNS



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