She thinks I'm too fat

'I've been dating this woman for six months now, and we're having a great time together. Maybe a little too great: We love food and we're enjoying life with regular festive dinners and drinks. I gained weight because of it. My girlfriend opened the conversation and told me she finds me less attractive now that I am two sizes larger. That is literally what she said. I do appreciate her honesty, but I am not unhappy with my body myself: I'm not overweight and I take care of myself. If I'm going to lose weight, I'd do it for her. But should I? I am not sure what our relationship's worth if a few pounds are making the difference. Her comment hurt me. What would you do?'

'Love weight' is a real thing

I was startled by this. Shouldn't you accept each other as you are?
Weight will always be a sensitive issue for women. Maybe you can tell her you don't find yourself too fat at all. Love weight is an actual thing; when two people find each other, they commonly do gain a few pounds. This didn't happen to your girlfriend? Anyway. Talk to her. - Serena

Being you is attractive

If gaining a few pounds is the reason for your gf to not find you attractive, you deserve better. Being yourself should be more than enough when love is real. If you're taking care of yourself and are not bothered by those extra pounds, just leave it. If you have to change for her, what's left of you? Being the real you is always the most attractive. If she breaks up with you over this: go buy a cake and celebrate. - Rina

Fact of life

Just as your girlfriend has been honest with you, you can be honest with her. Tell her what her remark has done to you, and that it hurts. Tell her how you see it. It is your body, and you decide whether it's good enough or not. If you are happy with yourself, don't change it. Bodies change, that is a fact of life. Keep talking to each other, but also be true to yourself. - Karin

Pot calling kettle

Start the conversation and confront her with her words. Tell her she hurt you, and that this weight gaining is because of the things you do together. She was there. And now she punishes you? If the conversation doesn't go in the right direction very fast, I'd bail. - Nancy



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